Winter in Door County - Hike Eagle Trail

Winter in Door County - Hike Eagle Trail

During the summer, we spend every day just a short walk from Eagle Trail, one of Peninsula State Park's most beautiful hiking trails.

Because we're busy selling tees and beach floaties at the Nicolet Beach Camp Store all season, it's a miracle if we get out to hike it even once during the summer, which is why we love getting out there in winter! 

Whether in the snow or not, Eagle Trail is a beautiful hike with fewer people and spectacular, unique views in the winter months.

We recently took my mum on the trail on a chilly but snow-free day, and it reminded me of last year's beautiful hike in the snow and out onto the frozen bay.
Snow and ice at Nicolet Bay
Snow at Nicolet Bay


Minnehaha Trail is .7 mile and is an easy walk along the bay shore. 

Eagle Trail is a 2 mile loop over more difficult terrain. You'll traverse several steep, rocky sections and walk under remarkable 150-foot cliffs. As well as connecting to Minnehaha trail, you can access at Eagle Terrace, Eagle Panorama or Tower.


Friends on Nicolet Bay
(The perfect place to take winter visitors)
Sunset over Nicolet Bay
(Sunset over the frozen bay is beautiful, just make sure you bring a headlamp or turn back with enough time to get back to your car before dark!) 



The ground can be uneven, especially when covered in snow, so wear durable footwear and watch where you step.

On breezy days, the walk along the bay can be cool, but as you encounter the more difficult stretches of Eagle Trail you're likely to heat up - so dress in layers.  

Access is best from the Nicolet Beach parking lot. Walk to the Camp Store and turn right. You'll walk through the employee parking lot, past the dumpsters, and take the camp ground road until you see the trailhead for Minnehaha Trail which is just under a mile one way. At the end of Minnehaha you'll find the Eagle Trail head, which you can do as a loop that comes back to Minnehaha, or as an out and back, turning around whenever you've had enough.

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